Early warning system on evolving critical illness and intervention in hospitalised children; a regional multicentre study on implementation of a Paediatric Early Warning System

In Denmark, more than 100,000 children below the age of 15 years are admitted annually. International studies show that 8.5 – 14.0% of cardiac arrest incidences in intensive care units involve paediatric patients. International reports show that lack of identification and proper actions in patients developing acute and critical illness remains a problem.
The purpose of this study was to investigate if PEWS in hospitalised children optimises identification of acute and critically ill children and prevents life-threatening situations and thus reduce number of unplanned admissions to intensive care, cardiac arrest and death. Moreover, the study investigated validation of the clinical applicability of PEWS as well as the acceptability of the tool among healthcare professionals.

This PhD study is a multi-centre study designed within a Complex Intervention framework; the study sheds light on the problem, validation of the data collection instrument, testing of the intervention and evaluation. The PhD study involves all paediatric departments and some acute departments in Central Denmark Region. Thus, both regional hospitals and a university hospital participate in the study.

Development and implementation of PEWS is expected to contribute to reduce the number of children developing acute critical illness, number of admissions to intensive care and deaths. PEWS is also expected to contribute to increase professional skills and competences in health professionals. It is expected that this study will contribute towards working with a joint PEWS model in Denmark. The results will be reported to Danish Regions to facilitate drafting and implementation of a national model across the Danish regions. Last but not least it must be expected that a PEWS model will contribute to reducing the costs for society as an intensive care hospital bed is more expensive than a hospital bed at a general paediatric department.

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